Jail Report Card

Every month the Shelby County Jail assesses itself. A Jail Report Card is created to review, follow up, and focus on any significant changes that indicate improvements or problem areas. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office uses the Jail Report Card as one of the primary management tools for the Shelby County Jail. The jail report card design uses the Compstat model created by the New York City Police Department, which was expanded by former Mayor Giuliani to NYC Department of Corrections and other areas of NYC government in the mid and late 90’s. Compstat is short for “computer statistics”.

The implementation of a Compstat model has been very successful in most agencies regardless of their specific missions. The more successful Compstat models have used a set of report cards depicting key indicators for various operational areas within an organization to develop this process.

The Jail Report Card design incorporates the five basic fundamentals of Compstat developed by NYPD.

  1. Accurate and timely intelligence
  2. Rapid deployment
  3. Effective tactics
  4. Relentless follow-up and assessment
  5. Accountability

SCSO - Jail Report Cards

The Jail Report Card provides the latest statistics on the Shelby County Jail (including Jail East, which houses females) by population, inmate classifications, recidivist’s rates, prior incarcerations, average length of stay, housing, jail programs, jail offenses, inmate discipline, inmate grievances, and jail gang information.

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