Jail Volunteers

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) Jail Division will use Volunteers where feasible to enhance and expand the services and programs offered to the inmates.

Volunteers can make an important contribution to this agency by providing a number of direct services to inmates, as well as by serving as a link between the facility and the community.

Volunteer: A person who, of his/her own free will, offers to provide services important to the operation of the jail for no monetary or material gain.

Volunteer services will be performed at the downtown 201 Poplar Facility (Male) and/or the Jail East Facility which hold the (Females/Juveniles).

Orientation Training

Prior to assignment, each volunteer will complete a documented orientation and/or training program where the lines of authority, responsibility and accountability for volunteers are specified. Volunteers will familiarize themselves with written rules and regulations of the facility and will be required to follow them. Prior to final approval by the Volunteer Coordinator, a volunteer must sign the Volunteer Agreement which specifies that they will abide by all the facility policies and procedures, particularly those relating to the security and confidentiality of information. It is mandatory that all volunteers attend a minimum of two (2) quarterly meetings during the calendar year with the Volunteer Coordinator and/or Chief of Programs.

The Quarterly Meetings are met on March, June, September and December.  Please contact Ms. Mary Pratcher, Chaplain Secretary, for exact dates and to request an application by phone (901) 222-4895 or e-mail: Mary.Pratcher@Shelby-Sheriff.org