Fallen Officer Memorial

Line of Duty Deaths are commemorated on the Wall of Honor at the Shelby County Sheriff's Office Criminal Justice Center on the 9th Floor. These officers are also honored here.

Thomas J. McDermott
Houston Mitchell

J. H. Goad

James C. Nelson

Reeves Fielding Applebury Edward William Stelling
SCSO Badge Olney Crawford Deadrick Taylor Sherry Goodman
Ricky Peete George Selby Timothy Dunn

Officers commemorated are: Thomas J. McDermott, Houston Mitchell, J. H. Goad, James C. Nelson, George T. Reeves, Fielding F. Applebury, Edward William Stelling, Olney Benton Crawford, Deadrick A.Taylor, Sherry Hopper Goodman, Rupert Peete, George M. Selby, and Timothy H. Dunn. View details of each officer by clicking on an image or name. The earliest officers to fall in the line of duty do not have photos and are represented by their name and Deputy patch.

We courteously thank author Joseph E. Walk for permitting us to cite excerpts from the publication: “Law Enforcement and Line of Duty Deaths In Memphis and Shelby County” and additional resources that were obtained from the “Officer Down Memorial Page”.

We encourage all to visit the National Law Enforcement Officers Fund Inc. web site. Donations are used to assist the families of officers killed in the line of duty.




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