Sheriff's Sales (Auctions of Property)

AuctionsThe Shelby County Sheriff’s office sells property held pursuant to court ordered writs of execution throughout the year. The property is seized and sold to satisfy civil judgments.

When sales of personal property are ordered, the Sheriff's Office posts notices in public places, announcing the dates, times, and locations of the sales, including brief descriptions of the items involved. When sales of real property are ordered, notices are published in the Daily Legal News or other newspaper of general circulation as required by law. As a service, we are now listing upcoming sales on our website to provide another opportunity for citizens to learn of these sales.

Other property seized by Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Bureau Deputies is also for sale at various times of the year. These sales are officially conducted by Shelby County Government. You may find out about the next sale by email at or call 901-387-5971.

You may have questions about items included in a Sheriff’s Sale or need other questions answered. Each sale has a specific Deputy Sheriff who serves as the coordinator. Look for an easily link to his/her e-mail address in each sale listing.

Sheriff's Office Sales Guide to Bidders

Time and Location of Sale:



General Sessions
Docket #CT-000626-17
VIN# 1H57J2L543865

Odella McKinnon vs. Marcus Batchelor

March 27th 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
Freeman Enterprises
1579 E. Brooks Rd.


Important to Remember!!

  • You are responsible to have your own title searches
  • You are responsible to make sure that the property that you bid on is the property you want.
  • You are responsible to do your own investigation as to where real property is located.
  • We do not have keys to the real properties. We sometimes have keys to automobiles.
  • We have no other information about a particular parcel of property other than what was provided to us by the attorney representing the plaintiff when the property was originally advertised for sale. We do not verify or certify the property description information.
  • Should you be a successful purchaser of real property of Sheriff's Sale, and someone is still residing at the property, it is your responsibility to have him or her removed from the property by legal process.
  • Only limited information is available about any item listed. Most, if not all, available information is listed on the website. Interested parties should inspect the item on the sale date if interested in purchasing any item.
  • Items of personal property must be removed from the site at time of sale.


Contact Info

Assistant Chief:
Chief Claude Robinson

Chief Inspector John Mills

Operations Commander: 
Capt. Clay Aitken

Assistant Commander:
Lt. Beverly Cobb

(901) 379-7400


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